About us


Pesttanz Klangschmiede was founded in 2007. Musically we move into the area of ​​Black / Pagan / Death Metal. Since the end of 2016 it was pretty quiet around our label and it was planned to completely shut down operations.

Since sometimes everything turns out differently than planned, at the end of 2019 we decided to continue with some changes in the structure and future releases.
We will only produce in short runs and with natural packaging. We all should strive not to burden our planet unnecessarily and want to make our contribution by selling less polluting products. We hope that we can also recognize others' human-made problems and find alternatives.

On the subject of politics

Our label has never been and will never be political. Of course, some bands have political views in whatever form. Should you avoid certain musicians and their works? We don't think that everyone should be free to choose what to listen to / buy. We keep our distance from this dictatorship, which is very strongly represented in German-speaking countries. Articles that are on the index in Germany are not available from us and we do not ask you to ask about them. Should it happen, for whatever reason, that the article ends up on the index, we will no longer offer it. It is also to be refrained from issuing warnings or other government measures without prior contact.